Halima Hasan

Growing up, I was reserved and quiet. And when I got on the soccer field, I just left all that behind me.

#MyReasonWhy - Linzy Dineen
Linzy Dineen

You had your name on the front of your jersey. That meant something to you on and off the field.

#MyReasonWhy - Leslie Huerta
Leslie Huerta

Get out of your comfort zone and try every sport you can.

#MyReasonWhy - Owen Norton
Owen Norton

They’re your brothers out there.

#MyReasonWhy - Isaac Spanjer
Isaac Spanjer

There’s nothing more important in life than learning how to present something that you want people to know.

#MyReasonWhy - Maggie Metzger
Maggie Metzger

When I come back I’m ready to go and wanting to work even harder.